The Head Start

A webinar for successful search execution and how to implement it in your everyday practice using Clockwork.

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Finding And Generating New Search Work

When it comes to business development, every relationship presents an opportunity. In this webinar we will leverage what you’re good at, (i.e. networking), by using your past relationships and past work and show you how to find new opportunities, searches and leads.
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Develop An Engaging Pitch To Win New Searches

Once you've gotten an initial call scheduled with a prospect to pitch a search, how do you differentiate your firm to stand apart from competition? In this webinar we will look at how to build an engaging pitch to prove your value. We show you how to gain client buy-in before starting a search by putting your client in a real-life scenario of partnering with your firm. 

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Setting A Solid Search Strategy

Now that you've won the pitch, it's time to move into setting and presenting a solid search strategy to your client. In this webinar we will look at how to build out your search strategy within Clockwork, but how to present it to a client through our collaboration platform.

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Clockwork was built upon the 8 Stages Of Successful Executive Search to support every stage of your unique search process.

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