The Check-In Webinar

A Monthly Webinar For Clockwork Customers

Optimizing Research Strategies and Presenting Metrics That Matter To A Client

Thursday 18 April 2024 - 2 pm ET | 11 AM PT (30 Minutes)

Last time on The Check-In, Dan Shirley from Clockwork's Customer Success Team, walked us through best practices for pipelining and sourcing executive talent. This time we are taking a deeper look at how to implement a more robust research process and how to deliver value in your research to a client. In this 30-minute webinar (Part 2 of a series on Research in Clockwork) we will cover:

  • More deeply qualifying and organizing candidates.
  • Validating and verifying a long list of candidates.
  • Presenting a Longlist of candidates to capture feedback.
  • Showing the value and presenting your research work effectively.

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