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Track Outreach And Engage Candidates With A Digital-First Approach.

[June 2024]  Outreach needs to be succinct, organized and targeted. In this webinar we take a look at:

  • Tracking exactly where candidates are in outreach, and using statuses to measure candidate responsiveness and tailor future engagement efforts.
  • Email activity and analytics to help pivot your outreach approach and tactics.
  • Using Landing Pages for Candidate interest submission, Self ID and general talent acquisition.
  • Delivering a digital first-touch approach for a better candidate experience. 


Check In Research II Webinar Lander

Research: Optimize and Present Value To Clients Through Research

[April 2024] This time on the Check-In we take a look at further qualifying, organizing and prioritizing candidates for outreach later. We also focus on how to demonstrate value in your research process to clients including:

  • Categorizing candidates to provide deeper context, and rate against benchmarks and research criteria. 
  • Using the Research Coverage Report, Long List and Status Report to engage clients, gather feedback and confirm alignment. 
  • Proving value to a client through your research methodology.


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Research: Best Practices For Pipelining Executive Talent

[March 2024] See some best practices around sourcing and building a pipeline of executive talent using Clockwork including:

  • How to start sourcing candidates from Target Company Lists in Strategy View.
  • Filter for high-value candidates that have reached certain status milestones, high ratings, top rankings, recently been updated and more.
  • Organizing your research within a project. 



Strategy: Target Company Lists & Research Coverage Reports

[February 2024] As a follow up to our previous Check-In, here are some things we took a look at when building out your search strategy within Clockwork:

  • How to build a Target Company List in Strategy View.
  • Using the Research Coverage Report to show your client your progress on research.
  • How to directly start sourcing and building a pipeline of talent from Strategy View. 
Cai Research Criteria Web

Strategy: Job Specification, Position View and Clockwork's AI Features

[January 2024] This time on the Check-In we take a look at setting the search strategy in Positions View and using Research Criteria, Clockwork AI and Job Posts including:

  • How to use Research Criteria for benchmarking.
  • Using Clockwork's Generative AI Features (CAI) for job description, research criteria and job requirements.
  • Creating and publishing a Job Posting landing page to share with candidates.

Marketing: Business Development Using Clockwork

[December 2023] On this episode of the Check-In we look at marketing and business development and how to do it in Clockwork including:

  • Quick wins for marketing your search Firm.
  • How to leverage Clockwork's CRM and Deals View For Organizing Your BD.
  • Building a marketing list in Clockwork.

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