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Clockwork Video Library

Below are a series of videos to help you with some frequently asked questions from Clockwork users.

Firm Profile Settings

Change and update firm name and logo for white labeling.


Access your billing settings to update payment details, download invoices or subscribe to add-ons.


Reorder candidate statuses, create templates and configure project statuses.

Data Enrichment

On-Demand Person Enrichment individually or in bulk, purchase credits and where to view enrichment history.


Update default project visibility settings, create and edit workflows and firm-wide Gong Report settings.

Add or Deactivate Users

Add, remove and deactivate users within your firm.

Custom Fields

Create, edit and update Custom Fields for people and other objects. Leverage custom fields when using people filters.

Projects Tab

Sort, filter and organize your search projects in projects view. Clone projects, see candidate and search-specific metrics.

Position View

Create and share Job Specifications, Requirements, and set Research Criteria for benchmarking candidates.

Grid View

Use Grid View to organize, edit, rank and categorize candidates on your search project.

Admin (Visibility)

Controls for setting Client visibility in all views within a project.

Deleting A Project

Deleting a project from your Clockwork firm.

Strategy View & Target Company Lists

Create Target Company Lists with companies and candidate work experience for faster sourcing.


Configure the Project Dashboard to see talent-metrics and monitor search progress.

Long List & Status Report

Configure and use Long List for and Status Report for benchmarking and shortlisting candidates.

Menu Options Overview

See a preview of what you have done and have upcoming in six cards, as soon as you login.

People View: Search and Filters

Use filters and boolean search criteria to find, manage and organize people and create multiple filter views.

Mail Analytics

Track interactions and see engagement metrics for candidate outreach.

Add People

See how to add potential candidates and people into your Clockwork database.


Create, update and close Deals for managing business development.

Login Credentials

Update your login email and credentials, time zone, password, photo and other user profile information.

Notification Preferences

Update notifications settings to receive alerts by email, in-app or web / browser push notifications.

Tasks Reminder and Overview

Create, assign, filter and manage Tasks for yourself or a team member. Update Task Reminder preferences and settings.

Gong Report, Email Client, Default Project view

Update and edit settings for Gong Report, Email Client and Default Project View for a user.

Best Practices: The Check In Webinar

A webinar series for executive search firms and executive recruiters focusing on trends, issues and shifts that are impacting the search industry and landscape.

Industry Insights: The Kick-Off Webinar

are a video series for Executive Search Firms on trends shaping and impacting our industry and the world around search.

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